"If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" — Peter Drucker

A managed print solution can provide tremendous cost savings and efficiency gains for your organization. But it all begins with gaining an understanding of your current printer environment. How many printers do you have? What types and models are they? What volumes are being driven through each device? In many organizations, answers to these questions aren’t readily available.

​CDW’s FREE PRINTER FLEET ASSESSMENT* can provide you with the answers to these and many other questions! And once we gain an understanding of your environment and objectives, we can help you with choosing and leveraging the right solution for your organization.

The free assessment includes:

  1. A conversation with a CDW MPS Solution Architect to gain an understanding of your objectives
  2. Printer data collection activities (typically 2-4 weeks of data is collected)
  3. A follow up call to review reports, discuss findings and share initial recommendations

In addition to signing up for your free assessment, you can also download copies of two fact sheets which describe CDW’s offerings:

  • Printer Supplies Management Program Fact Sheet
  • Comprehensive Managed Print Services Programs


* Free printer fleet assessments are available to customers with environments containing 20 or more network-attached printer devices.

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